1. Best 5 Health Insurance Tips

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Frequently Asked Questions

Let us determine your insurance needs by simply answering a few questions about your current situation. Using your age, location, and health our system calculates the best plans for you and pulls up your options. Then just buy a plan or speak to an agent if you have any questions.

Most plans can be purchased online. Depending on your area and enrollment periods you may have to be connected with an agent to finish the process. Either way use our quoting tool to choose the best plan for yourself and then choose to finish online if possible or get connected to an agent to answer questions you may have

No, there is no difference if you buy a plan yourself or if you use an agent. Your monthly quote will always be the same. Insurance carriers by law, file their rates with each state government. So you will receive the lowest rate possible whether online or with an agent.

Depending on your location and needs, most plans can start as soon as midnight tonight. May take a little longer for underwritten plans that you would have to qualify for.

Yes, you can enroll in a plan today.